Mission Memorial Auditorium

While the Mission Memorial Auditorium is primarily used for City and County of Honolulu Departmental activities, it is available for use by local, non-profit organizations, with a preference going to cultural and arts events.  All dates are based on availability. All events must be free and open to the public.  No private parties, meetings, ceremonies or graduations.  For more information on using the facilities, contact the Mission Memorial Auditorium Manager, Dave Stone at 808-768-6624 or via email david.stone1@honolulu.gov

About the Mission Memorial Auditorium

The Mission Memorial Auditorium (MMA) is one of the three buildings that comprise the Mission Memorial Building Complex located in the Honolulu Civic Center facing King Street. This complex of buildings served as the headquarters of the Hawaii Evangelical Association, part of the Hawaiian Mission Children’s Society, a non-profit educational institution and genealogical society whose membership is comprised of descendants of the first American Protestant missionaries to Hawaii. The HMCS is also the parent organization of Mission Houses Museum. The Mission Memorial Building (MMB) site was the previous home of the Kawaiahao Seminary and the Honolulu Mission Printing Office.

 The MMB and MMA, two large, red- brick, Neo-Classical structures were dedicated on April 16, 1916. Designed by architect H.L. Kerr and built between 1915 and 1916, these structures were commissioned by the Hawaii Evangelical Association in preparation for the centennial commemoration of the arrival of the American Protestant missionaries to Hawaii in 1820. These Neo-Classical, Georgian plan buildings are the only example of Jeffersonian architecture in Hawaii. A third building, theChristian Education Building, was added in 1930 and blends in architecturally with the two original structures.

 In 1944, Honolulu city officials felt that procuring the Mission Memorial Buildings, adjacent to Honolulu Hale, would offer a simple and convenient way to ease the congestion of office space in city hall. In July 1945, condemnation procedures commenced and in September 1945, at a cost of $162,000, the City and County of Honolulu acquired the Mission Memorial Building Complex.  The Hawai’i Board of Missions, the outreach program of the HMCS continued to occupy office space in the complex until 1947.  After the acquisition of the building complex,  two years of renovations were required before it could be occupied by various City agencies.  

 In 2003, the City decided to renovate the historic building and convert it from office spaces back to its original state as an auditorium.  In July 2004, the MMA was reopened and rededicated, bringing the auditorium back to its former glory and use.