Korean Artists Association of Hawai‘i Exhibition

This exhibit features thirty-five artists from KAAH and ten artists from “K-art group” from Los Angeles. Each artist has included up to three artworks each including painting, photography, and sculptural objects.

Participating artists:
Diane Kim, Sosuk ko, Mikyung Yee, Sugmi Cha, Young young Kang, TaeJa Koki, Carol Kyung Mehee Lee, Minni Lee, Sutegan, Mmchong Kim, Anna Im, Kywangkyu Yi, Tae Chun, Kloe Kang, HeeJin Chang, Cristy Seaquist, Susan Cassel, Hanah Shin, JinJa Kim, George Woollard, Michelle Han, Younghee Sweet, Sangyoon Han, Nohvan, Junghee Hwang, Jaeyoon Song, Jiun Kim, Jisoo kang, Jake Boggs, HwaJa Park, George Woolard, and Cristine Choe.

Join the opening reception in Honolulu Hale on Monday, April 3, 4:30-6:00pm.

Honolulu Hale is open Monday through Friday from 7:45 AM – 4:30 PM.