Art at Thomas Square–Press Release

PRESS RELEASEMAYOR KIRK CALDWELLOFFICE OF CULTURE AND THE ARTSCITY AND COUNTY OF HONOLULU FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEWednesday, Dec. 30, 2020Press Office: 768-5768 New artwork dedicated at Thomas Square HONOLULU – The City and County of Honolulu today dedicated two new temporary pieces of artwork as part of the Art at Thomas Square program. The art installation […]

Ho‘okumu—Moana (The Source—The Deep Ocean) Bernice Akamine 2020

Ho‘okumu refers to the source of water starting from a single raindrop drawn from the mist and clouds in the mountains that flows downward and becomes part of the Moana, the ocean. Using stainless steel wire and one of the oldest styles of net-making, Ho‘okumu—Moana illustrates this first droplet as light and airy. Small crystals […]

Adventitious Roots Kat Kazlauskas 2022

Hawaiʻi is vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change, urbanization, militarization, and tourism. This sculpture, made of materials intercepted from the waste stream, is inspired by the symbolic forms of the pū hala (hala tree) that represent a sustainable and resilient future. At night the sculpture lights up through solar powered LED to transform […]

Recollection Kamran Samimi 2022

Carved from discarded lumber from Ward Warehouse, Recollection celebrates the wood’s passage through time and space. Samimi carved and shaped each piece of lumber to enhance the wood’s formal and sculptural qualities, but also to reveal a living essence that lives within the wood. Each beam has been reanimated, bearing marks of its process and […]