47th Annual Prince Lot Hula Festival

47th Annual Prince Lot Hula Festival

Hosted by Moanalua Gardens Foundation Hawaiʻi

Frank F. Fasi Grounds

July 20, 2024, 9:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m.


Founded in 1970, Moanalua Gardens Foundation (MGF) Hawai’i has served as a vital link in preserving and protecting the environment and cultural resources of Hawai‘i. An O‘ahu-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, our mission is “To preserve and perpetuate the history, native culture, and environment of Hawai‘i through education and stewardship of Kamananui Valley and celebration of the annual Prince Lot Hula Festival.”

For over five decades, MGF has pioneered and delivered programs and cultural events to help kama‘āina and malihini understand and appreciate the unique environmental and cultural resources of our islands and to uplift our lāhui.


9:15AM – Royal Order of Kamehameha Procession & Hoʻokupu

9:20AM – Welina mai ke aloha, Emcee Kamaka Pili from Aloha Authentic

9:30AM Hālau I Ka Wekiu

Kumu: Karl Veto Baker and Michael Lanakila Casupang

Kumu Hula graduated from Robert Uluwehi Cazimero in August 1995 through Uniki rights and Hālau I Ka Wekiu started on March 15, 1998 as March is their Kumu’s birthday month.

9:55AM Nā Pualei O Likolehua

Kumu: Niuli’i Heine

Established in 1976 by the late Kumu Hula Leinaʻala Kalama Heine, Nāpualei o Likolehua, is a non-profit organization dedicated to preparing young women and men to become teachers and leaders in our Hawaiian community.  Now under the direction of ʻAla’s daughter, Niuliʻi Heine, the hālau continues ʻAla’s legacy and had expanded to include keiki and kane.  

10:20AM Hālau Nā Kamalei O Līlīlehua

Kumu: Robert Uluwehu Cazimero

Hālau Nā Kamalei, is the only male hālau hula in the Hawaiian Islands. Brought together by Robert Cazimero, one of the most respected Kumu Hula of Hawaiian dance. The men of Nā Kamalei perform around the world, and for 49 years, they have carried on the tradition of male hula. Through the years, Robert Cazimero and Hālau Nā Kamalei have blazed their journey with Hawaiian pride, winning top honors at hula competitions, performing throughout the world and dispelling deep-rooted stereotypes of grass skirt girls. The men of hula have swayed the heart of hula by reclaiming the masculine side of Hawaiian dance.

10:45AM Hālau Hula ‘O Kaleipuaimilia

Kumu: C Makalapua Bernard

Hālau Hula ‘O Kaleipuaimilia under the direction of Kumu Hula Makalapua Bernard is located on the Wai‘anae Coast in the ahupua‘a of Lualualei. This hālau was formerly known as Hālau Hula O Mililani under the direction of the late Kumu Hula, Mililani Allen. Before Mili’s passing she told Makalapua to change the name of the hālau. In March 1999, the hālau name was changed to Hālau Hula ‘O Kaleipuaimilia. Mililani’s teachings continue as well as the hālau learning new mele and sharing hula with our community.

11:10AM Hālau Hula Kamamolikolehua

Kumu: Pohai Souza

Hālau Hula Kamamolikolehua is a non-competitive halau following the hula stylings and traditions of Maiki Aiu Lake and Mae Kamamalu Klein. We educate our haumana in our history, our language as well as our dance and poetry of our island home.

11:45AM Pua Aliʻi ʻIlima

Kumu: Vicky Holt Takamine and Jeffrey Kānekaʻiwilani Takamine

Pua Aliʻi ʻIlima is the hālau hula (school of traditional Hawaiian dance) founded by Kumu Hula Vicky Holt Takamine in 1977.  Named by Vicky’s kumu hula, Maiki Aiu Lake, it means the Royal ʻIlima Blossom alluding to Vicky’s graduation for Maiki’s Papa ʻIlima, the ʻilima class, and as a descendent from Hawaiian royalty. The only recipient of both Moanalua Gardens Foundation’s Malia Kau and Kukui O Lota awards, kumu Takamine teaches her haumana (students) to treasure the many gifts of hula and mele from our kupuna and leaves them a lasting memory for the next generation of hula practitioners.    


During the lunch break and throughout the day, festival goers can learn, participate and enjoy cultural and educational demonstrations and activities, shopping, food and of course live entertainment.

12:05PM Kamehameha Schools Kapālama Ka Mōʻī Jazz Ensemble

Kumu: Jason Kaneakua

Featuring a Native Hawaiian Mākeke:

We will feature Native Hawaiian businesses selling unique, Hawai’i made retail and packaged items. Also for sale, will be the 47th Annual Prince Lot Hula Festival shirt!

Culture & Education:

Nā Wahine O Kamehameha – Lei making

Maunalani Design Group – Wood carving & stone work

G. Umi Kai – Traditional implements

Kualoa Ranch/Hakipuʻu Education Center – Kuʻi ʻAi (poi pounding)

NOA Makaha – Hawaiian feather work

Ulana Me Ka Lokomaikaʻi – Lauhala arts

The Queenʻs Medical Center Womenʻs Health Center – Mammogram Screening Info

Department of Parks & Recreation – Lei & Lei Court

Department of Health – Health, safety and language access

MGF Hawaiʻi – ʻĀina based education program & Kamananui Valley Stewardship

Food Vendors:

Along King Street, food vendors will offer ʻono options like Shave Ice from the Moanalua Lions Club, Poke Bowls from Kealoha Seafoods, Polynesian Plates from PAC Foundation and much, much more!

1:00PM Welcome Back!

1:05PM Ka Pā Nani ‘O Lilinoe

Kumu: Lilinoe Lindsey

Our kumu the late Joan S. Lindsey traces her roots to ‘ūniki from the late Master Lokalia Montgomery. We carry on her legacy to the future generations.

1:30PM Hālau Kilipohe Nā Lei Lehua

Kumu: Sky Gora & Liko Cooke

Halau has been in existence for 10 years. We are located in Kaka’ako. We strive to perpetuate the hula and its culture as was engrained to us through our Kumu ‘Ala. Our mission is to carry on the traditions and skills surrounding hula; maintain the cultural traditions of mele oli and mele hula and to preserve the legends, genealogies and history of the Hawaiian people through dance.

1:55PM Hālau Hula o Kukunaokalā

Kumu: Elsie Ryder & Po’o Pu’a, Mel Enos

Hālau Hula o Kukunaokalā, was established by our beloved kumu the late John Kaimikaua in 1977. We continue to carry on the mission and legacy of kumu John, to educate and enlighten all people of the mo’olelo, oli and hula of ancient Moloka’i.

2:20PM Hālau Hula Ka Noʻeau

Kumu: Michael Pili Pang

Hālau Hula Ka Noʻeau was established in 1986, in the rural town of Waimea on the Island of Hawaiʻi, by Kumu Hula Michael Pili Pang, the hālau maintains the philosophy and the hula ku’i style of dance associated with hula master Maiki Aiu Lake. Since 1994, Hālau Hula Ka Noʻeau has performed in over 40 cities across the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. In 2002, the hālau was relocated to the Island of Oʻahu and is located in the lower Punahou, Pawaʻa area.

2:45PM Hālau Hula Maunalei

Kumu: Lelehua Bray

Founded in 2009, in Holualoa, on Hawaiʻi island, Hālau Hula Maunalei is led by Kumu Hula Lelehua Bray who studied under Kumu Hula Michael Pili Pang and ʻūniki (graduated) from his school in 2002.  She shares the gift of hula with her students ages 5 – 75.  The great grand-daughter of Lydia Maunahina Dusson Bray, Kumu Hula Bray’s mission is to teach others to love and embrace the traditions and art of hula as it has been taught by her kupuna.

3:10PM Ka Hale I o Kahala Hālau Hula

Kumu: Leimomi I-Maldonado

Leimoni I-Maldonado began her study of hula at the age of eight with the late Maiki Aiu Lake and continued her training and ʻūniki (graduated) as Kumu Hula with Elizabeth Kekauilani Kalama of Kailua, Oʻahu.  Her studies were carried on with Hula Master Kimo Keaulana and Kumu Hula John Keola Lake, a trusted advisor, on oli and mele.  The hālau reflects the hōʻihi (respect) for these influential teachers as well as its connection to the hala as the symbolic flower of the school.

3:30PM Closing Remarks

4:00PM Pau – Mahalo for Coming!

For more information, visit the Prince Lot Hula Festival website.